I’m sick of the iPhone 4S battery life.

iphone 4s battery fail

Story of my life. Well, since iOS 6 upward.

Yeah I’ve just about had it. Damn thing doesn’t do more than 6 hours on 3G. Multiple calibrations, seemingly infinite factory resets, the works, I’ve done everything short of turning it in for a replacement. Doubt shitty battery life permits a replacement and the pain it entails what with store staff who are braindead at best.

It appears as if the nice folks at Cupertino have borked every update iOS 6 onwards to force users to upgrade. This sucks simply because I love the form factor and build quality of the 4S as well as have a bunch of accessories for it. That, and I’m not paying Apple 45K for a new phone that has slightly better battery life on Vodafone (though my tinfoil conspiracy hat says that telcos are a part of the problem what with shitty connectivity).

Anyway, other options involve switching to 2G (read: not happening) or getting a secondary device running as a hotspot via Wi-Fi which seems pretty retarded. I guess I’m pretty much stuck till an opportunity presents itself to upgrade. Gah.

Apple: come for the apps, because using Instagram to take over 9000 pictures of your cats means you don’t need more than 6 hours on 3G. Sigh.

3 thoughts on “I’m sick of the iPhone 4S battery life.

  1. There there. Think you could do with turning off 3G, will help ease your pain with the battery and the pain of your followers with the constant tweeting

  2. See most of the battery runs out when your busy traveling and your phones trying to hold on to that shitty 3G network, I realized that I could loose about 30% battery within an hour by just leaving my phone in the pocket for about an hour while riding my bike between Malad to Mahim or Malad to Mira Road, both in either directions on the highway. Shutting off cellular would make you loose some Messages on Twitter but then again on a train it keeps going of anyways. Start it up every few stations… You will not be missed much in the digital space… or rather you “may” not miss much…

  3. It is the fault of the cellular radios to a large extent. But if you have warranty, they should at least replace the battery if not replace the phone itself. I’ve had the battery on my 4S replaced. I also think I might have to get the one on my 5 replaced as well. They cannot turn you away. Insist that you are getting shitty battery life. Period.

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