Short Fiction. Part 6.

Catch parts onetwothree, four and five here.

An eternal moment. This was one of them. Assuredly, the last of them.

Demons are known to be have a penchant for bloodlust and I knew I was at the end of my journey, ready to surrender to the elements and powers that be, I closed my eyes.

Before I knew it I was overcome with a sense of calm that this mortal existence was almost over.

And like most things in my short,  unremarkable life, I was wrong. Tremendously so.

“Indeed, a man is dead when he has nothing left to lose. Which is why you’re perfect for the nightmare that lies ahead.”, she rasped.

“What?”, I was perplexed.

“Look around you, oh accursed knight. Your town is in ruins. Your family. Your friends. Your order. All dead. Most by your sword. What exactly do you have to live for. Absolutely nothing.”

“So end my misery!”

“Not so quickly, tormented one.  I walk this earthly realm due to this sack of meat and bones. Thanks to the magical blood she possesses I am able to exist in this dimension without being obliterated. However, her powers haven’t fully manifested themselves to take my journey forward.”

“What do you plan to do?”, I said whilst propping my aching body on the town square wall wondering where this would lead.

“There lies a spire across the waters.”, she said, pointing towards what was known to be an abandoned tower in the distance carved out of rock.  The sun’s rays danced on the obsidian. It stood out on the white seas that surrounded it like a brand on the forehead of a heretic.

“Go there? Why?”

“To destroy the cause of your world’s catastrophes, this rot that defiles your existence and so that I may open a portal into my world and return whence I came.”

“That would mean…”

“Yes, blademaster, we’re going to slay your love.”

Demons have a penchant for bloodlust. But never could I imagine that they could read minds as well.

Here I was on the precipice of certain death, only to be saved so I may take the life of the witch responsible for this madness, who I was more than well acquainted with. Saddled with a mind-reading hellspawn to boot.

It has been a strange day.

Catch parts onetwothree, four and five here.

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